Why non-academic Math

Over 15 years of parenting raising 3 kids and interacting with many parents and students, I've come to realize that many children dislike Math. Many factors contribute to this...pressure from parents and teachers to excel at Math the most, even if they love history or arts, the way the subject is taught could be dry especially if you are right brained. The most important factor I've realized is that children often cannot connect them to real life circumstances where they apply it.

When you learn Math as multiplication, ratios and geometry with a few word problems here and there, it could be boring. And many a time, children don't immediately connect a situation in life where they applied something they learned in Math class.

Arithfun prefaces Math with a real life situation and slowly works out the concepts in Math used to solve it. For e.g, if a student is counting small triangles in a spaghetti of triangles, the spacial reasoning that's applied is mentioned only at the very last. When a child learns a Math trick that uses Arithmetic progression, he or she may not even hear that term till the final session when the concepts used are reviewed.

There are plenty of resources out there for academic Math.

Arithfunic offers you engaging youthful tutors to engage your children in puzzles, games and tricks that uses Math while making new friends and have a cultural exchange. All the while, approaching Math in a non-academic non-syllabus manner. Children are also put in age-levels rather than grades, so the younger kids learn from the older kids and the older kids get a sense of how the younger kids think.

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