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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

2020 was the year everyone embraced online learning. Arithfunic was born out of the necessity of having my own children engaged and occupied productively during the great pandemic lockdown of the century!

Hailing from India, I am walking proof of the rigor engineering grads from India's top technology schools go through. Rigorous training and daily practice in Math to be in the top 99 percentile of the population to gain entry to prestigious universities. It was a no-brainer to engage vibrant and youthful undergrad students from my alma mater and similar universities to help my kids with the Geometry and Algebra homework.

So was born, Arithfunic - a fun way for children to practice Math with an engaging coach from another country. Benefits are multi-faceted - children learn to interact with diverse coaches, who are just as smart if not smarter than the teachers they typically encounter. They get a taste of a different culture and the environment, the coach hails from. They are exposed to multiple accents - training their ears to comprehend and improve their conversational skills.

Arithfunic aims is to provide affordable live 1:1 and small group online experiences for children aged 6 and above facilitated by carefully chosen young minds from India from the safety of your home. We have designed the sessions to be hands off for parents requiring no preparation or follow-up.

Arithfun sessions are social interactions where groups of 3 children develop a friendship over the course facilitated by a youthful undergrad while exploring applied mathematics, mental arithmetic, math puzzles and much more... all carefully chosen to engage the child's imagination and stimulate his interest in wanting to know more.

Welcome to Arithfunic, we hope you get to work from home in peace, while your child falls in love with Math.

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